DraftStars Fantasy Sports Games


DraftStars, the official daily fantasy sports partner of the AFL, is the way to make the exciting world of fantasy sports faster and even better. A joint venture between CrownBet and Fox Sports, DraftStars is a daily version of the well-known and traditional fantasy sports leagues, where you make your own teams from your favourite sports players and watch them succeed in ‘fantasy’ competitions in the real world.

All of your favourite sporting codes are included in DraftStars, from AFL, NRL, NFL and even the NBA, cricket and international soccer. Simply choose your favourite sport, start building a team of talented athletes and start doing battle against other teams made by your DraftStars competitors. You win and lose based on the actual statistical performance of your players in their real-world sporting matches, so it’s the perfect way to combine your favourite sports with some fun on the side and the chance of cash prizes.

In short, DraftStars is simply more exciting than traditional fantasy sports leagues – and not just because big cash prizes are given out every game. It’s because it can be played at a faster pace than you’re used to, with cash games played over a single week, day or even a game at a time. Traditional fantasy sports leagues can take an entire season, but with DraftStars, you can start switching players or even the entire team every week, day or game.

So you can’t go far wrong – head to DraftStars and starting putting together your ultimate fantasy sports team, because it takes just minutes. Test your skills with the realistic live draft system or be governed by the DraftStars salary cap. Whichever way you play, you can keep trying new sports, players, teams, tactics and options as often as you like, so however you like to play fantasy sports, DraftStars has you covered.

Then, sit back in the DraftStars live match centre to see your team, players and opponents pick up points as it happens. The results are posted on the live leaderboard. So whether you love fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL, fantasy EPL or fantasy NBA, you’ll really love DraftStars by CrownBet.

How to Play DraftStars

DraftStars is not only the fast-paced and more exciting way to enjoy the world of daily fantasy sports – it’s also the one with the most ways to play and win.

The first thing you need to do when you play DraftStars is to choose your preferred sport, picking from all of your favourite options from the AFL, NRL, NFL and even international basketball, cricket and soccer. Once you’ve picked your team, head to the DraftStars lobby and pick a contest from all of the available games – you might even like to create your own contest or play against your friends.

Whichever options you choose, it’s simple to play and win with DraftStars as you navigate around the lobby sorting by sport, contest, payout, entry amount and more. Some DraftStars contests are the exciting and lucrative ‘winner takes all’, but your odds really ramp up in other contests where the winnings from the fantasy cash games are spread across hundreds – and even thousands – of winners in many cases.

In short, winning with DraftStars comes in many forms, and it’s up to you to decide. There are multiple game options with DraftStars when it comes to your daily fantasy sports games and tournaments, and you’ll love the live draft system that’s fun and easy to use.

What type of contests are available at DraftStars? The answer is many, including guaranteed contests, featured contests with massive cash prize pools, and even multiplayer games and thrilling head-to-heads. The most experienced and ambitious fantasy sports players will love DraftStars, but so too will the newcomers, thanks to DraftStars’ beginners’ contest.

Those familiar with fantasy sports leagues will really love DraftStars because it has everything you enjoy – control over which players you choose to start on game day. But unlike those season-long fantasy leagues, you can pick ANY players you want for your match – your job is to put together the very best line-up you can each week and even each game, but make sure you stay under that realistic salary cap!

Once your team is selected, watch your contests in real time by heading to My Contests or My Lineups. Player stats and scores will update live, and you can even track your position in the contest as events unfold and you battle for cash.

DraftStars Scoring System

Depending on which exciting contests you choose to play with DraftStars, there are different scoring systems on the way to winning huge cash prizes. Playing to win huge cash games with fantasy AFL, NRL, NBA and NFL is easy, and in every case there are many different ways to score points.

For fantasy AFL, points are scored or deducted in 9 different ways – a free kick against your player, for example, will see you drop a point. If you play fantasy NRL, there are no less than 13 different ways to get points as you play for cash or fun, all of them based on how your chosen players are performing in their real-life game.

Scoring in fantasy NBA and NFL is different again: for the popular American basketball league, fantasy NBA with DraftStars gives you 8 different ways to score points and 3 methods for bonus points. NFL, on the other hand, sees you with 11 different ways to score offense points, and 14 different ways to score defense points – all of them based on how well your chosen players are doing on the field.

DraftStars was launched in the AFL, and it is the official daily fantasy sports partner of Australia’s favourite football code. But there are also many other sports you can play with DraftStars and many different contest types, so you’ll never get tired of playing. Plus, there’s something for everyone, from beginner to expert.

All you need to do to start playing for fun and cash prizes is to pick a sport from the DraftStars lobby and start drafting your ultimate fantasy team – you can get started now and be done within minutes. Whether you want to pick your team for a full weekend round of matches or just a single day or game, the choice is all yours. Start picking your favourite athletes now so you can enter it in your choice of free or paid-for contests against mates or others in the DraftStars community.