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Boosting your enjoyment of fantasy sports is easy with iPunt, as we help you enhance your chance of success and enjoyment through our suite of in-depth fantasy sports stats and analysis.

iPunt knows you love not only sport but also your favourite fantasy sports destinations, so join us as we help your players in the race for fantasy spoils by relying on our detailed coverage of fantasy sports for fun and enjoyment.

All your fantasy sports competitions are not only more fun but more fruitful when you head to iPunt. We offer the best roster of your favourite fantasy players and the best stats, analysis and fantasy cash games and put you on your way to success.

When it comes to the level of fantasy stats that will steer you to success, iPunt’s are the most detailed, timely and accurate as we offer all the information and analysis you will ever need. Making your fantasy picks has never been easier or more fun as the world of fantasy sports comes alive at iPunt.

iPunt’s fantasy cheat sheets are the grandstand tickets to the winning edge in your favourite fantasy sports, helping you win big in our fantasy cash games. Our rankings of your favourite fantasy players are up-to-date and accurate, making it simple to compile a winning fantasy sports lineup each and every day.

Your fantasy picks for your preferred fantasy sports competitions like fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL, fantasy EPL, fantasy NBA and fantasy NFL are boosted to their successful limits and beyond with iPunt.

iPunt is proud of our system of filters that put your fantasy picks into the palm of your hand, through our superior set of detailed fantasy sports player stats and analysis. Daily fantasy sports players at iPunt have the edge thanks to our powerful combination of stats, analysis and projections.

Among the favourites at iPunt when it comes to our fantasy sports coverage is fantasy NFL, because with our exclusive tools, your chances of success and enjoyment are lifted to new heights. We also know that because Australia’s favourite game is the AFL, you will want the best possible chance of fantasy AFL success and our roster of fantasy players will ensure you are kicking goals.

The English Premier League is also a winner when it comes to the world of fantasy sports, and iPunt’s enhanced fantasy EPL coverage puts only the best fantasy stats at your fingertips.

Fantasy NBA is also made only better with iPunt, because we know that when it comes to your enjoyment of American basketball enjoyment, you want to turn your fantasy picks into fun and success. Our offerings of exclusive news and insights, not to mention iPunt’s famous statistics, analysis and accurate projections, arms you with everything you need to succeed in the fantasy sports picks of your choice.

iPunt is also right on the ball when it comes to fantasy NRL, based on the world of top Australian rugby. If that is your favourite fantasy sports destination, iPunt will enhance your enjoyment through our online and also mobile services. In seconds, you can be browsing our tools including cheat sheets, statistics, iPunt’s famous projections and our unprecedented analysis.

Fantasy Sports Coverage

Fantasy NRL Tips & Cheat Sheet

iPunt will boost your passion for Australian rugby and fantasy NRL through our leading coverage and tools. With our detailed statistics, success in our daily fantasy sports cash games could not be easier as we bring you the best analysis for your online picks.

You will also be cheering for our fantasy NRL cheat sheets, with iPunt’s run-down of players stats helping you make your picks with confidence. iPunt’s daily fantasy NRL projections are also second-to-none as the clearest guide in the market to making fun, successful fantasy NRL picks.

And to boost your knowledge even more for fantasy NRL success, iPunt’s unprecedented guide of the fantasy NRL Players’ stats are what you are looking for. The expert fantasy sports operators compile detailed salary data which will mean winning at fantasy NRL is an easy as checking into iPunt.

Picking fantasy sports winners at iPunt is easy, fun and enjoyable, while our exclusive range of NRL news and editorials will mean you are up to date with all the industry information. Rely on iPunt to turn your love for fantasy NRL into the most enjoyable form of winning fun.

Fantasy AFL Tips & Cheat Sheets

Enhance your passion and boost your chances of success when it comes to fantasy AFL by turning to iPunt. When it comes to your favourite fantasy sports, we are the ultimate destination for all the tools, knowledge and stats you need to succeed and enjoy fantasy AFL, based on that favourite Australian footy code.

At iPunt, taking your love for fantasy AFL and turning it into enhanced enjoyment is fun and easy. Our detailed statistics will make picking your fantasy AFL picks and players a doddle, and we’ll also help you bank a few extra by putting you in the running for iPunt’s daily fantasy sports cash games.

Selecting fantasy AFL winners is not hard at iPunt because of our fantasy AFL Cheat Sheets, which give you the short-cuts to enhancing your favourite fantasy sports destinations through our coverage.

Need some help with your daily fantasy AFL projections? iPunt will put you on the winning track via our detailed guide to the wisest of player picks alongside the latest in exclusive daily news and editorials. Our statistics and analysis of all your favourite fantasy AFL Players go deeper than the competition, including all the latest salary data put together by the best fantasy sports operators. Fantasy AFL has never been more fun than with iPunt.

Fantasy EPL Tips & Cheat Sheets

When it comes to the highly popular world of English premier league soccer, your favourite fantasy EPL games are made better with iPunt. Our detailed run-down of the very latest fantasy EPL stats will ensure your picks are as informed as they can be. And to really spice up your fantasy sports life, our fantasy sports cash games will take your enjoyment of fantasy EPL to the next level.

iPunt’s fantasy EPL coverage is made even better with our fantasy EPL Cheat Sheets, while our daily fantasy EPL projections are clear and detailed. So when it’s time to select your expert team of players for this week’s fantasy EPL picks, browse iPunt’s industry-leading stats and analysis and boost your fun and success.

The salary data provided by the best fantasy sports operators at iPunt is fully up-to-date, and our exclusive, daily fantasy EPL news and editorials will give you the knowledge you need to win.

Fantasy NBA Tips & Cheat Sheets

At iPunt, we know you love your NBA basketball but now there’s a chance to boost your enjoyment and success of your fantasy NBA – with iPunt. When it comes to this exciting world of US basketball in the fantasy NBA format, iPunt will help guide you to the best fantasy sports picks.

Our stats, picks and exciting daily fantasy sports cash games will transform your enjoyment of fantasy NBA, while iPunt’s helpful fantasy NBA cheat sheets will steer you on the track to success. Your fantasy NBA selections are made easier thanks to iPunt’s fantasy NBA projections – a clear guide to sorting out the best fantasy NBA Players from the rest and guiding you to the full fun and enjoyment of fantasy sports.

All the fantasy NBA players’ stats and the deepest possible analysis is at iPunt, with accurate salary data provided by the best fantasy sports operators. Our exclusive daily fantasy NBA news and editorials will keep your knowledge boosted with the latest of NBA information, leaving you with the confidence to make winning picks and fully enjoy your fantasy sports experience.

Fantasy NFL Tips & Cheat Sheets

iPunt is the ultimate destination to expand your world of fantasy sports, and the same is true for our coverage of the NFL. Fantasy NFL is the way to combine passion for America’s iconic brand of football with fantasy sports, and iPunt has all the tools to make it not only more fun but highly successful.

Our detailed and to-the-minute updated fantasy NFL stats give you everything you need to pick the right players and take home the spoils with iPunt’s own fantasy sports Cash Games. And iPunt has you covered with insider tips as well, with our fantasy NFL Cheat Sheets containing everything you need to boost your success in the world of fantasy sports.

iPunt provides fantasy NFL projections that will make the process of picking fantasy sports Players simple, easy and fun. The fantasy NFL Players stats are the best in the business at iPunt, headlined by fantasy sports operators’ impressively-detailed salary data that puts you in the driving seat for your confident and statistically-boosted picks.

And we complete your insider knowledge of the world of NFL with iPunt’s exclusive daily news and editorials, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips for the rewards and pleasures of fantasy NFL.