Ladbrokes Multi Maker

Many Australians really enjoy the chance to take a punt on top sporting events. For some of us, that’s just on Melbourne Cup Day each year; for others it’s a regular and enjoyable part of our lives. If that’s you, it’s also likely that you would appreciate the chance to win big through placing multiplier bets.

Ladbrokes Multi Maker is a superb tool that allows you to construct and place such bets – right up to an amazing maximum of 13 legs. If you haven’t yet had a chance to examine how clear and user-friendly a sports betting tool this is, then a visit to Ladbrokes website, and a click through to Multi Maker, will let you see for yourself.

Here are some of the key elements that you’ll find there.

  • A link to allow you to download the Multi Maker app to your iPhone or iPad, or to an Android device.
  • When you access the app, you’ll quickly discover just how easy-to-use it is, thanks to a clear menu, slider and market button options.
  • The chance to choose from a wide, and increasing, number of sports to bet on. These already include footy and rugby league, US basketball and baseball, plus tennis, soccer and more. Ladbrokes are also pleased to hear your suggestions for other sports to include in this tool.
  • You’ll also find betting options as you build your multiplier bets – these already include head to head clashes, as well as both margin or line options.
  • As you add to your multiplier bet, the odds box at the bottom left of your screen will keep you abreast of how the odds are also increasing.
  • Once you’ve added all the selections you wish to – up to that 13 maximum – you simply add them to your bet slip with a single click; insert the amount of your stake, and confirm the placing of your multiplier bet.

Ladbrokes Multi Maker is a superb app delivering an equally terrific betting tool to use at home, on the go, at work or play. Surely it’s time to check it out and, like so many others, join up for this busy punters’ user-friendly service right now.

Ladbrokes Multi Bet Maker Guide

We know that many Australian punters are interested in winning big; this is why so many have a fondness for multiplier bets. Building the odds by adding more legs increases the excitement – and then adds to the tension as these sporting events which form part of the gamble then unfold.

If that’s how you like to spend some of your time, then we’d like to draw your attention to a terrific way to be able to do this, wherever you happen to be and whenever you have the time to make those leg selections.

It’s called the Ladbrokes Multi Maker, and is already hugely popular with their customers. You can swiftly download the appropriate app – versions for Android as well as iPad and iPhone are available.

Once you have the app for this betting tool on your mobile device, you’ll quickly appreciate how user-friendly it is. Simply click on Multi Maker from your Ladbrokes homepage and you’re there. One of the first things you’ll notice, near the top of the screen, are a range of market buttons and a slider facility to allow you to make your key bet type and sports choices. For the former, you might go for those head to head match-ups, or prefer to focus on either Lines or Margins – more options will be added – in fact, Ladbrokes are keen to hear any suggestions you might have.

A wide range of great sports are also available, including those two great Australian loves of footy and rugby league. There’s US basketball and baseball, plus sports popular right around the globe, including tennis and soccer.

Using Ladbrokes Multi Maker, you can build a multiplier bet up to an amazing 13 legs if you wish. Each time you add a leg, you’ll be aware that the odds box, bottom left of the screen, is keeping you up-to-date with how the odds are also building.

Incidentally, you won’t be able to use the Bonus Bets option with your multi bets. But, as soon as you have added all your legs, touch the ‘Add to betslip’ button and it’s done. Nominate the amount of your punt, confirm your multiplier, and it’s job over!

If this hugely usable, always available, brilliant mobile betting tool would be great for you, it’s time right now to sign up with Ladbrokes and put their Multi Maker to good use.