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Are you looking for an easy, convenient way to play lotto from anywhere in the world? Would you like to play more lotto games, for bigger jackpots, more often? You’ve landed in the right place. Lottoland can help with all that – and more.

As the name suggests, Lottoland is a site dedicated to lotto. It covers all the major lotteries on the planet, including the US Powerball, the US Mega Millions, the Euro Millions, the Mega Millions, Australian Lotto and Keno. You can play as much or as little lotto as you like – there are draws nearly every night of the week, and Keno is available 17 hours a day, every day.

One of the most popular games in the world is US Powerball. The reason for that is, as you might expect, that US Powerball is an incredibly wealthy lotto. Every game offers a jackpot of $55 million or more. And, if you keep an eye on things, you’ll notice that it often amounts much higher, sometimes skyrocketing to a mega $1 billion. The good news is that entry costs don’t change – they’re always $5 per game.

Another key player on the world lotto scene, also from the US, is the US Mega Millions. Every single week – rain, hail or shine – it offers a jackpot of a minimum of 20 million bucks. But, on one lucky day, it broke records, spilling over 800 million smackaroos. Where would you even start with spending that kind of money?

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Europe, the two major lottos are the Euro Millions and the Euro Numbers. Like US Powerball and the US Mega Millions, they’re available on Lottoland. Simply pick seven winning Euro Millions numbers, cross your fingers and hope for the best. You never know when luck might swing your way and pay you kindly for your years of patience.

Australians are big lotto players, too. In fact, lotto takes place three times a week down under. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, regular lotto draws are held. They’re known as Tattslotto, X Lotto, Gold Lotto or Oz Lotto – depending on which state you live in. Every now and again, Superdraws push the jackpot up to a guaranteed $20 million and, once a year, the Megadraws see it reach $30 million. Then, on Thursday nights, it’s time for Australian Powerball, which gives out prizes in a massive eight divisions, increasing your chances of a win.

If you’re keen to play lotto all day – and all night – long, there’s always Keno. Also offered via Lottoland, it gives your one chance every four minutes to win a million bucks and is played 17 hours per day.

So, what are you waiting for? If lotto’s your preferred game, Lottoland is the place to do it. Between US Powerball, the US Mega Millions, the Euro Millions, the Mega Millions, Australian Lotto and Keno, you need never be bored. And, one of these days, your winning numbers might turn up and surprise you!

Lottoland Australia offers access to the below lotteries & more

Play US Powerball Online

Even if you haven’t played much lotto in your life, chances are you’ve heard of – or even had a gamble on – the US Powerball. It’s quite possibly the world’s most famous game. Every Thursday and Sunday, people around the planet gather around the nearest TV, radio or computer, waiting for the US Powerball results and hoping that, this time, they’ll get lucky.

Entering is easy. Choose five winning Powerball numbers between one and 69 and a second, especially lucky number, called the US Powerball number, between one and 26. Then pay $5 and hope against hope that your picks will be drawn. At every draw, $55 million is guaranteed and, occasionally, the jackpot leaps to an incredible $1 billion. Prizes are awarded in nine divisions.

When it comes to taking your winnings home, you have a choice. Grab them all in one colossal lump sum or ask for the cash to be divided into 30 parts and given to you over as many years.

Too busy to get your US Powerball entry in? Jump on Lottoland and order a subscription automatically. Your lucky, lucky numbers will be entered every week without you having to lift a finger. Should you want to check the US Powerball results, you can find them on the site.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

If someone handed you $21 million tomorrow, what would you do with it? Pay off your mortgage? Buy a yacht? Throw the biggest dinner party the world has ever seen? What about $250 million?

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s just that kind of money that’s on offer, thanks to the Euro Millions. It’s Europe’s biggest lotto, created by joining together jackpots from 13 nations. No other lotto on the continent has offered more money since 2004.

Ready to enter? Think of five winning Euro Millions numbers in the range of one to 50 and two ‘star numbers’ in the range of one to 11. Submit them, hand over five bucks and start dreaming! You’ll find out whether or not luck has gone your way on the following Tuesday or Friday – the Euro Millions are drawn twice a week.

Committed to the Euro Millions but concerned about missing a draw? Between work and socialising, it’s not always easy to find time to get your entry in. But you can make it an awful lot easier with Lottoland’s subscription service. It’ll enter your numbers automatically, so you can relax. Find out the Euro Millions results anytime by hopping online.

Play US Mega Millions Online

In addition to US Powerball, the US Mega Millions is a really popular lotto game in the United States. It’s based in multiple states and played across the US, as well as in many parts of the world, thanks to the internet!

At Lottoland, you can enter the US Mega Millions with a measly five bucks. That puts you in the running to win $20 million twice a week, every Wednesday and every Saturday. Keep an eye on developments and you’ll soon discover that, every so often, the US Mega Millions climb significantly, reaching a jackpot of $500 million or even more. In fact, there was one draw that soared to $840 million. Imagine being the person who took that money home; to say they were set for life is an understatement!

Despite the jackpots being so big, the entry fee for the US Mega Millions is just $5 a game. All you have to do is pick six numbers between one and 75, and a US MegaBall number between one and 15.

If you win, and you’re worried about how you’re going to manage all the cash, you can opt to receive it in a series of instalments – once a year for 30 years. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, then take it all home in one go.

To make sure you never, ever miss a draw, enrol in Lottoland’s automatic subscription service. Your special numbers will be entered automatically, so you can get on with other things, like working and spending time with family and friends.

Play Australian Lotto & Powerball Online

To play lotto three times a week, get involved with Australian lotto. The folks down under love the game, so it’s held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Australian Lotto jackpot begins at $4 million. But, this is just a starting point. Keep an eye out for regular lotto Superdraws, which pushes the minimum to $20 million. Then, once a year, there’s the epic Megadraw, which sees the jackpot jump to $30 million.

Perhaps you’re wondering why the Australian lotto seems to have so many different names? You’ve probably heard names like Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, X Lotto and Oz Lotto bandied about. Well, they’re all the same game. It’s just that the various states like to use their own titles.

On Thursdays, it’s time for Australian Powerball. There are eight prize divisions (more than any other lotto in Australia) and, to enter, you select six numbers from one to 40 and a Powerball number from one to 20. Every week, there’s a guaranteed $3 million payout and, sometimes, this can exceed $50 million.

All the Australian lottos mentioned here are playable at Lottoland. Plus, if you don’t want the hassle of manually entering every week, you can order an automatic subscription. Good luck!

Play Keno Online

Even if you’ve never been much of a lotto player, there’s a chance you’ve had a guess at Keno at one of your local pubs and clubs. Playing Keno is easy. You simply choose between one and 10 numbers from a total of 60. For each game, 20 numbers are drawn, while you hope at least some of them match your selection. If you manage to match 10, you could win one million dollars. But, even if you only get a few matches, you can still win something.

Online keno goes on 17 hours a day. You have a chance of winning $1 million every four minutes, which amounts to 15 times an hour. Games kick off at 2.34pm AEST and finishes at 7:45 AEST, giving you 17 hours of play time per day.

To play, all you need is an Internet connection and either a computer or a mobile device. If you have a smart phone, you can download Lottoland’s convenient Keno app. Why not try it now and see how you like it? It’s great for cold nights, when you want to have a flutter, but don’t feel like making the trip to your local Keno venue.